Joe Grimaldi

Chairman, Mullen


David proved to be a valuable asset throughout his time at Mullen. He contributed to our business growth by seeking out, identifying and creating new revenue opportunities. He developed a deep understanding of the Mullen culture and persuasively conveyed it with enthusiasm and conviction. Further, he is a delightful person of uncompromising integrity. David was valued by both his colleagues and our senior management as a collaborator, a leader and a trusted representative of the Mullen brand. He's also persistent as hell, possessing a great drive to succeed for the company, his colleagues and himself.

David Close

Managing Director, MSLGROUP


I worked with David for five years while he was one of the key people in business development at Schwartz Communications. Ours was often a complex, technical sales process and Dave was outstanding in his ability to quickly understand a prospect's needs. He was the first contact for senior executives in companies across a wide range of industries and technologies -- from computing, networking, security and e-commerce to healthcare IT, medical devices and cleantech. 

Dave was so good at quickly assimilating a company's story and recommending a mix of services to them that several times a prospect expressed surprise to me that he would not be leading their account team. They assumed that he was the domain content expert. 

He's a complete pro and on top of that, a truly fine person to work with.

Brian Bronaugh

President, Mullen/Pgh


David is a tremendous colleague. He gets and sells ideas as well as anyone I've seen. He has an inherent ability to tell the story efficiently, with passion and engagement. A consummate collaborator, knows that the communications world is a diverse, complicated, extremely interesting multi-disciplinary environment that requires clarity and simplicity to navigate. He's also persistent as hell - great internal drive to succeed for himself, his colleagues and his company.

Chris Stamm

Senior Vice President,
General Manager,
Waggener Edstrom Communications


David is a poised and polished business development executive who understands how to grow a service-oriented business. I had the pleasure of collaborating with him on several new business initiatives over the years we worked together. In each opportunity, David quickly identified the prospective client's needs and helped position our team for success. He's a quick study: it didn't matter if we were talking to a business in high tech, healthcare or consumer markets, he tailored our approach and service offerings without missing a beat. Most importantly--David is not only a great business development executive, but he is also a great colleague.

Tim Askew

Founder & CEO,
Corporate Rain International


David is a respected colleague with an exceptional and deep understanding of developing business in the Boston advertising and marketing community. He was my Vice-President for a number of years at my firm, Corporate Rain International in NYC, showing consistent creativity, leadership, and integrity. I would recommend him to anyone looking for proactive sales development wisdom.