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Breaking New Ground

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Providing Clarity in an Age of Ubiquity

We are a unique new business outsourcing service specifically designed for marketing agencies in the digital age.

AtW brings the best creative, communications and media agencies to the attention of the brands they seek to meet and work with.


We create strong and relevant peer-to-peer relationships with prospects that consistently generate new business at an accelerated pace in both new and existing markets, with a clear and measurable return on investment.

The Work

Today, corporate leaders demand integrated marketing solutions that bring awareness to their brand, product or service to make a significant impact on their company’s bottom line. In turn, agencies seek introductions to brands that need to engage consumers in new and innovative ways. Add to the mix, a rapidly advancing digital world that has put the consumer at the center … controlling the message and the terms of their engagement with brands.


Traditional marketing models are nearly obsolete. This sea change has forced every agency to either adapt or be left behind. The same can be said for how new business opportunities are created. In this confusing and cluttered landscape, simply relying on a golden rolodex or mention in Adweek will no longer guarantee a steady pipeline of pitches, RFP’s or RFI consideration.

Accelerating Growth by Building a Pipeline